Operation in progress

Due to the impacts of COVID19 and state restrictions, Parking Services is temporarily scaling back their service levels for many programs. However, the Residential Parking Program is still operating. While we are not able to provide proactive timed parking enforcement, we are still able to respond to concerns and complaints. Parking beyond the time restrictions in a Residential Parking Zone does require valid permit from an approved account. Enforcement will also continue monitoring life safety violations in neighborhoods.

From the web portal, residents and non-resident property owners are able to apply for, pay for, and manage their permits without any need to come downtown or mail in documents. We do offer services for scanning and uploading accounts documents for residents who do not have access to scanners. Those residents can visit our downtown location (942 Pacific Ave, Mon – Fri, 8am – 5pm) for front desk assistance.


Tacoma Parking Services no longer issues physical permits for the Residential Parking Program. All permits are tracked by license plate number and enforced by license plate recognition technology.


We endeavor to review all applications within 72 hours. Please allow us time to review your account information before you reach out to the office to inquire about your account’s status. If you receive a ticket for parking without a valid permit while your permit is awaiting review by parking staff, please contact us at parking@cityoftacoma.org and we will review the ticket.


To get set up:

1-      Create an account and fulfill all account requirements (vehicle information, proof of residency/ownership, credit card information)

2-      Submit a request for a permit (if needed at the time).

3-      Parking staff will review your request and approve your account.

4-      Once your account is approved you may log back in at any time to update information or purchase additional permits on an as need basis.”

5-      For vehicle sales or temporary permits please contact city staff

For any additional questions please reach us at rpp@cityoftacoma.org or 253.591.5371